Friday, August 4, 2023

If someone says this, I will hit him with a sandal- Seaman..! India

Tamil Nadu

 Naam Tamilar Party coordinator Seeman, who had announced that he would hold a demonstration to condemn the violent riots in Manipur, caused controversy when he spoke at the demonstration, calling Christians and Muslims the children of Satan.

 Speaking to reporters in Chennai, Naam Tamilar Party coordinator Seeman said, "Language and race are bigger than religion, caste, and all identities.  All Christians and Muslims here are Tamil.  Son of majority nationality.  Not a minority.  If Christians and Muslims are minorities, I will take off my sandal and beat them.  Both Islam and Christianity were born against injustice.

 Jesus said I came to light the fire of revolution against injustice.  Where is that fire?  I am not saying that all Muslim and Christian people are children of Satan.  I said that under the fear that you are going to support the Congress which killed the Tamil race in Sri Lanka.  We Tamil Party is demanding that a caste-based survey be conducted, not to promote caste but to establish social justice!  What is the job of Udhayanidhi Stal's son Inpanadi in a government program?"  said.
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