Friday, August 4, 2023

Condemning the Manipur riots and demanding public peace.

People of all the Christian Churches of Tiruvallur district protested near the Tiruvallur railway station, condemning the Manipur riots and demanding public peace.

 It has been two months since Manipur riots started in this demonstration.  Nearly 250 Christian churches and thousands of houses have been damaged.  200 villages have been set on fire.  Public property worth crores of rupees has been destroyed.  The death toll is estimated at over a hundred.

 The Manipur riots started when the Indian Prime Minister and the Home Minister launched a whirlwind campaign in the Karnataka elections.  Even after all this, the Prime Minister did not speak a single word on this issue.  If the Prime Minister and the Home Minister had taken immediate interest in the matter, the riot would have ended that day.  Those who spoke at the protest said that Modi should be concerned about the measures to restore peace.

 Following this, more than 500 Christian people attended and raised slogans and took part in a demonstration demanding peace in the state of Manipur.


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